A USB may be small – but your data is still important.

Unfortunately just because they are small and easy to use, the data recovery process can be more complex than a traditional hard drive!

A USB, Camera Card or SD Card have tiny chips called Flash Memory which can be difficult to read once corruption occurs. In some extreme cases, these chips must be removed from the circuit board and read on an external machine. This kind of “Chip Off” recovery is reserved for the very worst of cases, and there are many other tools and methods which can be employed before going to this level.

Do I need data recovery on my USB, Flash Drive, Camera Card or SD Card?

If your device is not recognised by Windows, Mac or has other physical damage you may need data recovery. Common symptoms include

  • Drive must be formatted message (DON’T DO THIS!)
  • Device is not responding or crashing your computer when connected
  • Device is not recognised
  • Bent Plugs

In order to fix these issues, an assessment musts be made of the device and the best course of action determined. With all data recovery we try to obtain a clone of your device before running any other tools. In may cases this is possible even if your drive isn’t recognised by your computer.