FREE quotes on all data recovery

Do you offer fixed prices?

Yes, for most of our recoveries we offer fixed prices. We will always give you a firm written quote before proceeding with any work.

For our “experimental” recoveries we will give you a price range. However, the vast majority of our recoveries will fall under the $400 standard recovery.

What Does The “No Data No Charge” policy cover?

If we cannot recover any data, we will not charge you for the recovery process unless otherwise stated before we begin recovery.

“Lost File” recoveries are subject to a fee if we’re able to recover the sectors of your drive. This is because we cannot guarantee that your files are not overwritten before we finish the recovery process.

How long does the inspection and quotation take?

We try to inspect and quote your data recovery on the same day, however depending on our workload and time of week sometimes it can take longer.

I need to know a price right away!

We offer priority service pricing and options where we will work on your drive ahead of all others, after hours and on weekends.

How long will my recovery take?

There are many factors which effect recovery time.

  • The size of your device or drive
  • The damage or fault with your device or drive
  • Our current workload

Most of our recoveries take less than 5 business days, we can usually give you a fair time estimate after a recovery has begun.

If you are in desperate need of your data please check out our priority pricing which will garuntee we work on your drive first, after hours and on weekends.

Why do hard drives fail?

All hard drives will eventually fail.

The main cause of HDD (spinning disk) data recovery is due to dropping / impact.

The main cause of SSD (solid state) data loss is due to controller failure or chip failure.

My Drive appears to have a hardware problem – can you help?

YES! Please power down your device and stop using it.

Make sure you get a quote from a data recovery company who will take the time to property examine the drive without causing further damage.