Apple Data Recovery

We can get your Apple data back!

Apple make great computers, but all hard drives fail eventually.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your data is lost forever because your mac won’t boot. Even if the Apple genius bar says your data is lost, the reality is that in most cases they are wrong.

Data loss on a Mac usually falls into three categories.

  1. Corrupted partition after mac OS update.
  2. Accidentally deleted data on the mac
  3. Failing or failed HDD, SSD or Fusion Drive.

This is no different to any other computer, and for the most part we can even use the same tools! We just have to use various adapters and specialised software to recognise most “Apple” drives.

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lost mac data

Your hard drive or SSD might have failed – or is failing!

The most common symptom of imminent hard drive failure is when your mac runs VERY slowly. This can include a very slow boot up time, shut down time, and time running intensive programs like iTunes. Web browsing is usually OK because it runs mostly in the RAM.

Many Mac users may find their computer will work fine for weeks (maybe even months) running in this state as most hard drives have compensation abilities to preserve data at all costs. Ultimately the drive can no longer compensate and fails to work well enough for your mac to boot. Enter the dreaded folder icon!

This often happens after a drop or fall, but can also be caused by intensively using the disk such as when performing an update to Catalina, High Sierra or other OS X Update.

Another strange symptom of a failing hard drive is that your time machine backups can start to fail. This is caused by the time machine software not being able to read the “Source” information and verify the data is successfully copied. Unfortunately people can often ignore this error and leave themselves unprotected!

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